Friday, April 21, 2006

About jane iredale's Sunscreen.

I believe that the sunscreens in our mineral powders are among the most effective on the market. First, they contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – the only two physical sunscreens listed in the FDA monograph. They protect from UVB and UVA so they’re broad spectrum.

Unlike most chemical sunscreens, our minerals are non-comedogenic, nonocclusive and don’t create sensitivities. There’s no wait time for them to become effective and they are the last layer, not the first, so they are easy to touch-up if necessary. They also have a “very water resistant” rating, which means that they were tested on a human subject for 80 minutes in moving water and still maintained their SPF rating.

I have fair skin and burn easily. When I’m in the sun, I generally wear a chemical sunscreen on my body and the minerals on my face. I almost always burn on my body but never on my face.

Always make sure there’s an SPF on the label. Just because it says “mineral powders” doesn’t mean it protects you from burning.