Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lead in Lipsticks

The Lead in Lipsticks story that hit the headlines recently is the result of a study conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics on a variety of red lipsticks that were bought from drugstores and department stores around the country. The study showed that 49% of the lipsticks were free of lead and 61% contained from 0.03 to 0.65 parts per million (ppm) of lead. Interestingly, they also found that three lipsticks – the same brand and the same color – contained different amounts of lead.

Lead gets into lipsticks primarily through FD&C and D&C dyes which give them their color. The more vibrant the color the higher percentage of dyes. The FDA requires that manufacturers of dyes send each batch to the FDA for testing for heavy metals. Each batch is then certified. The FDA allows 10 – 20 ppm of trace metals. The FDA believes this is consistent with its longstanding goal of reducing consumers’ lead exposure to the lowest level that can be practicably obtained.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to live in a lead-free environment. Lead is in the air, water, and our soil.

Because we have always wanted to provide the “cleanest” products possible, we have conducted tests with an accredited laboratory on all of our products for heavy metals including lead. All colors passed with tests revealing no detection of heavy metals.

If you would like to read the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ Report here is the link:


Lead in Lipstick said...

First, kids dying from lead in toys. Now, they find high levels of lead in lipsticks. What's next - lead in food? Are women going to start dying now too from using lipstick too much?


There's a detailed report about it at

Christina G. said...

So why are you not signed on with the compact for safe cosmetics? I did not see you guys on the list. I was bummed because I really like your products and use them on a daily basis and when I didn't see Jane Iredale on there I was surprise. When I bought my make up the JI rep. said that your company was into safe cosmetics.

Jane Iredale said...
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Jane Iredale said...

Dear Christina,
We have signed the compact for Safe Cosmetics in December of 2005. Here is the link where we are listed:
Thank you for your comments!