Thursday, April 17, 2008

I’ve just come back from Israel where we opened a new distributorship. I have to admit that I didn’t want to go. The media is always full of the bad things and none of the good. It took exactly five minutes for my distributor to persuade me. Looking back, I don’t know what I expected - perhaps a tent in the middle of the desert. What I found was that some parts of Israel look like Provence – lush and green with vineyards covering the hills. It also has wide beaches, white villages, ancient ruins, fabulous restaurants and a warm welcome wherever we went.

I had a unique experience in the Negev desert near the Dead Sea where we picked up sand of almost every color in the rainbow – ochre, red, green, blue, lilac. There I was looking at mineral powders millions of years old and still full of color. Cleopatra makeup! However, the FDA would have had a fit if we put it anywhere near our faces because of all the impurities the minerals must have contained.

Of course, we had to take a dip in the Dead Sea and slather ourselves in the black mud that stands in tubs along the beach. It felt wonderful going on and I must say that my skin felt smooth and alive afterwards. It seemed to take all the winter dullness away.

So I suppose this blog is to say thank you to all my new friends in Israel and to say how excited I was to see your excitement at discovering mineral powders that were pure enough to put on your faces. Don’t forget Powder-Me SPF, you’re going to need its easy protection as you get closer to those hot, steamy months.


Anonymous said...

Well Jane, you and Bob brought with you to Israel, a Hugh enthusiasm with lots of colors and kind honesty which made everybody arround, to love you deeply.
It took you 8 days and everybody here knows you.
If you will have the same results in your next target countries, and you will, you are set!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Hi Jane! I loved what the dead sea did to my skin, too. I live in Marrakech and I am out of my Amazing Base and I'm stressing out. eeek! I so wish I could get color matched, as I suspect the color Amber I am using is slightly off. But it is such a wonderful product!

Anonymous said...

As an Israeli that have a home in Lenox, MA I am glad that you had a good time in Israel.
Are you plan to expand in the Berkshire?
Have a great day, Eyal Shapira

pve design said...

Now that is my idea of good clean fun!
Love your products and another product that I love is
Lorna's Naturals. They make my skin feel and look great and are all natural. Try them!