Monday, November 05, 2007

Step #3: Application

Cleanse and moisturize skin.

Then apply concealer making sure you reach up under the lower lashes and into the corner of the eye, using our Camouflage Brush for those hard to reach places. Be sure to blend the product to the top of the cheekbone, by using a gentle pressing action with the pads of the first two fingers.

Don’t overdo the blending since the result may be to rub the concealer away. And remember, because there are no fillers or binders in our products a little goes a very long way! Follow with your favorite jane iredale mineral foundation, if needed.

For very dark circles, you may layer concealer, powder then concealer and powder again. Make sure they are put on in thin layers so you don’t build too much product. Layering like this can be very effective.

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