Thursday, May 25, 2006

About jane iredale Base - pt. II.

It’s so much easier to choose the right base shade with minerals than with any other foundation. Minerals interact with light in a way that scatters it to create diffusion. The light even bounces off the skin and melds with your natural color. That’s why you’ll never see where your base begins and ends.

Unlike talc-based makeup that covers by layering product, minerals cover by illusion. The interaction with light allows very little product to be used, so your skin always looks like your own skin - only better.

The first thing our customers generally say when they begin to wear minerals is that they feel weightless. That’s because so little product is needed to obtain really meaningful coverage. One of the benefits is that the skin is allowed to breathe and function normally, resulting in a skin that not only looks healthier but actually is healthier.

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