Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Finding the Perfect Lip Color.

So what is the best neutral color for your lips? It’s easy to see. Pull down your lower lip to expose that delicate membrane. That’s the color.

Finding the right color is important because you can then choose a pencil that you can use as a base under all your lip colors and glosses. I find, for me, that our Terra-cotta pencil is my perfect neutral and I use it to shape my lips and fill them in with the pencil. It not only evens out the color of my lips, but whatever shade I put on top of it now has a firm base so colors last much longer. Yes, I even put it under reds.

My favorite lip look--not just for me but almost anyone I make up--is to fill them in with a pencil and put a gloss on top. I love the way the light passes through the gloss, hits the pencil base and reflects back. It’s so much more interesting than a flat color. It’s also more youthful, since matte is aging. To find your perfect neutral pencil start out by trying our Terra-Cotta, Spice, Nutmeg and Nude.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips on which lip pencil to start with. I always have a hard time trying to decide on color choices. I look forward to applying your tips, escpecially about the lip pencil and lip gloss.

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