Monday, May 22, 2006

About jane iredale Base.

The number one problem women have with makeup is choosing the right base shade. That’s because most of the time you’re trying to do it in artificial light. My advice is to make sure that you always find a professional who has access to daylight and the patience to try a number of colors on you.

The best place to try a shade is on the jaw line. You’re looking for a color that blends the neck and face together. If the color disappears, then it’s the right color. If you’re trying to do this alone, try it on the cheekbone. It’s easiest to see it here.

If your face is darker than your neck, don’t worry if the shade that blends the two together appears to make you look pale. You can always build color with a bronzer. It will look much more natural than going with a darker shade and appearing as though your head belongs on another body.

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