Monday, July 10, 2006

Covering Tattoos.

Ever wish you hadn’t had that tattoo put on your shoulder? Help is at hand, especially if you’re a bride and want to wear strapless.

First, find a shade of our Disappear and a mineral powder that closely match your skin. We have five shades of Disappear from which to choose. Then, with our Camouflage brush, smooth on a thin layer over the tattoo. Let it dry for a moment, then smooth on another layer. With our flocked sponge, pick up some of the powder and press it onto the tattoo. Repeat the process if you need more coverage.

You will still sometimes see a blue shadow coming through. I find that pressing some blush like our Copper Wind will usually neutralize the shadow. If you need to, you can add another layer of mineral powder.

Remember that no camouflage is perfect when examined close-up, but since people usually look at you from a distance of about three feet, this method will disguise the distraction enough so that no one will notice it.

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