Friday, July 07, 2006


I think hyperpigmentation (brown spots, and in a larger form known as melasma) is the most difficult thing to cover. Somehow, it always manages to bleed through whatever you put over it. You’ll have to try several methods to see what works for you. Here are some of them.

1. Sometimes just a layer of minerals will be enough to disguise it so that it isn’t the first thing someone notices. You can also try putting Amazing Base on as a wash. Spritz our flocked sponge with one of our facial sprays and then pick up the loose powder. Smooth it over your skin and wait for it to dry. Then brush some dry minerals on top.

2. Match a Disappear to your skin shade and apply it with our Camouflage brush. Then stipple Amazing Base or PurePressed Base on top. If there’s still some of the monster shining through, brush a blush like Copper Wind on top. The orange color with usually neutralize the grey shadow.

3. Apply Enlighten Concealer over the pigmentation with our Camouflage brush. You don’t need to apply too much, then pick up some powder with our flocked sponge and stipple it over the area.

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Hyperpigmentation said...

Has anyone ever tried a cream for this? If so could you please tell me if it worked?