Friday, July 14, 2006


Rosacea is one of the easiest things for minerals to cover. Forget about the days when green was recommended to cover redness. All that did was to leave you with green to cover or a ghostly grayness. Neutralizing colors like this works on an artist’s canvass but not on the human skin. In the mineral world, yellow neutralizes red.

If your rosacea is very pronounced, you may need to use two colors. First, choose a yellow base with about the same depth as your skin color and pick up some of the powder with our flocked sponge. Apply it in a rocking motion as you press it onto your skin. Then, using a mineral base that matches your skin tone, brush it all over your face.

Yellow bases we recommend are Warm Silk, Warm Sienna or Golden Glow. Minerals cover so well that you may not need to use two bases. Choose your complexion color, brush it over your face and then add more minerals to the red area with our flocked sponge. No more rosacea!


Anonymous said...

I have some mild rosacea and find that your minerals work wonders to help cover up my redness. Thanks for your tips! I look forward to trying different products.

Kristie said...

I have a pretty severe case of rosacea and I was wondering what you would recommend for covering up the vessels? I've tried the loose powder in warm sienna but that alone did not work.