Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Keeping Lips Looking Great.

Having trouble with the lip color bleeding into the fine lines around your mouth? Try these potential problem solvers. Blend a thin layer of our Absence Oil Control Primer around the outside of the lips. Fill the lips in with pencil, blot, then apply one of our LipColours with our Lip brush. You’ll get just as much color but with less product, if you use a brush. Blot again. If you want to use gloss, just put it in the middle of the lower lip. This gives a very useful effect.

A lot of our customers swear by using Circle\Delete, our under-eye concealer, around the mouth to step feathering. Try applying a thin coat with our Camouflage brush, then fill in with a pencil and layer the LipColour. If you want a very matte look that won’t go anywhere, just fill in with one of our pencils and blot. That will remove the surface waxes.

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