Friday, June 30, 2006

Disguising Gray Circles.

Were you born with gray circles all the way around your eyes? They’re really difficult to cover, aren’t they? I have a method that usually works.

I use our Enlighten concealer, which has a medium orange color. With our Camouflage brush, I pick up a small amount of product and pat it under the eye, making sure I get underneath the lashes. Then I pat it onto the lid. I add another thin layer if I think I need it. It takes very little product to make a difference.

Skin isn’t a piece of plastic - it’s more like fabric. So concealer covers better if you use criss-cross motions to fill in the weave of the skin. I like to use a mineral powder that's slightly lighter than the skin tone and pat it over the concealer. Usually, this does the trick.

People who’ve been putting up with circles like this from childhood are suddenly smiling!

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