Friday, June 09, 2006

Choosing the Right Lipstick.

So how important is the right lip color? After all, when fashion talks about “nude lips,” it isn’t talking about bare lips. It knows that the right lip color completes the look. Just like brows, what you do with your lips can change your look dramatically. The right lip color can make your teeth look whiter, your skin look better and brighten your whole personality. It isn’t an accident that after global or national disasters, the sale of bright colored lipstick increases dramatically.

To find the right color, discover what your undertone is. If you have a yellow undertone, colors with a golden hue will look the best on you. For example, peach rather than pink, brown instead of mauve. If you have cool undertones, you’ll look better in colors that have a blue hue. Pink instead of peach, etc.

How do you know which you are? Try on an orange (warm) and a magenta (cool) lipstick. One of them will look good and the other one will look awful. If they both look good, lucky you; you’re neutral and can wear just about anything.

Our lipsticks contain no FD&C dyes, have an SPF 18 with edible zinc and are so moisturizing that they really are a drink for the lips. You’re bound to find a color that will become your favorite.

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Anonymous said...

I love your lip stick and I'm glad that you come out with new shades like your Jane lip stick.