Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Choosing Your Concealer.

Our under-eye concealers, Circle\Delete #1, #2 and #3, not only cover but also contain ingredients that condition the under-eye area. I always use our Camouflage brush because it lets me get into the most recessed area of the face, which is the inner corner of the eye where it meets the bridge of the nose. It also lets me get close to the lower lashes. I believe it’s better to cover the whole of the under-eye area, not just the circle.

Circle\Delete gives you two colors, so blend a color that matches your skin tone if you’re just covering a circle. If you want to pull the under-eye area out, then use a shade lighter than your skin tone. If you’re puffy under the eye, then blend a color that’s darker than your skin tone. Use a lighter color on the two outside corners and gradiate the color darker as you cover the puff. Light colors bring things forward. Dark colors make things recede.

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